Jobs @ Brit

We are looking for inspired individuals who want to live what they love. If you're creative, smart, quirky and passionate about helping others live better lives, we are just the place for you. We're building content, software and consumer products and want you to take the journey with us.

We're open to hiring all kinds of people, from geeks in t-shirts to fashionistas in Louboutins. What matters most is that you rock at what you do, you’re a huge fan and evangelist of the whole “creative living” concept and you do your work with a smile.


PHP Backend Engineer (Part & Full Time)

Your responsibility will be to collaborate with other engineers, designers and product managers around the creation of new and existing apps or websites that are tangentially connected to the Brit brand, in categories like Commerce, Food, Home, Weddings, and Health.

- High proficiency with PHP, Java or equivalent language
- Ideally you should know what the following acronyms stand for: CSS, HTML5, PHP, AS3, C++, and API
- Knowledge of SQL and relational database design
- Ninja-like problem solving and coding skills
- Strong communication skills
- You must enjoy eating tasty snacks and working alongside creative people.

- Professional development experience with high-traffic websites
- Familiarity with jQuery, JavaScript, HTML and CSS
- Previously built a Facebook application

Editor's Note: Your interview will end immediately if we say “python” and you say “snake”. Same goes if we say “java” and you say “coffee”.... we say “ruby”, you say “necklace”... you get the point.


Web Designer (Full Time)

We are looking for a web designer with an eye for clean, minimal and forward-thinking design. You will work with engineers and product managers to create new apps and websites that will be launched as separate brands under the Brit umbrella. If you are interested in designing innovative social software in categories like Commerce, Food, Home, Weddings, or Health, this job is for you.

- Ideally you should know what the following acronyms stand for: CSS, HTML5, PHP, AS3, C++, and API.
- You must be able to explain, in Photoshop lingo, what “layers”, “spot healing”, “magic wand”, and “rasterize” mean.
- You must have tried to explain to your mom and dad that Microsoft Word is not the coolest word processing software anymore.
- You must never use or speak of the phrase: “Comic Sans”
- You must like to see the world in color rather than in black and white.
- You must have strong communication skills and be comfortable working with engineers.
- You must believe in the Googsian strategy to “launch and iterate”.
- You must use words like “Googsian”

- Experience with mobile design
- Familiarity with jQuery, JavaScript, HTML and CSS
- Previously designed for a social application


Crafter, Chef, Photographer or Writer (Freelance/Hourly)

We are working with contributors of all kinds on articles and DIY projects. Whatever your skill, we are interested in hearing about it.
- You must be a huge fan of the whole creative living concept. If you don’t like to think outside of the box, we’re not the place for you.
- You must like to see the world in color rather than in black and white.
- You must jump up and down and raise the roof when you come up with a new or unusual way to do something.
- (Crafter) You must dream up new craft and decorating projects in your sleep.
- You must have at least five Pinboards. (You can stop reading now if you don't know what those are.)
- You must read at least 10 blogs that are design or craft oriented.
- You must know how to use Google Docs.

- You must know how to work any or all of the following: glue guns, laser cutters, wood saws, 3D printers, letterpress machines, mat boards, sewing machines, ovens, stoves, food processors, staple guns, irons and hand saws


Interesting Intern (Full Time or Part Time)

If you understand at least half of what the above says and it excites you, please apply.



Salary is based on your level of awesome. We are open to remote positions if you are even more awesome than the requirements listed above. But ideally, you’d spend your days coming into our creative studio (or in lay mans terms, our “office”) in San Francisco during the time that most people describe as “normal business hours” (engineers, you can be 1-2 hours late... I get it, Call of Duty at 2am sometimes makes for a rough morning).

If you are interested, please send us your resume.

High fives if you:
- Come up with a non-traditional resume.
- Include pictures or video (Of what? We don’t really care. We just like media.)
- Tell a story about the coolest thing you ever made or the coolest product you’ve ever used.
- Explain E = mc^2

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