Our 16 Favorite Tech-ccessories For Winter

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Winter is here, and it’s time to geek it up and outfit yourself head to toe in wearables and gadgets that take your commute, ski weekend, snowy hike, or bundled up beach outing to 11.

1. GoPro Camera: How often do you get off the chairlift and think to yourself, I need to capture this. Well, thanks to helmet cams (all the more reason to wear a helmet!), you can do just that. We recommend the GoPro and a weekend in Jackson Hole. :)

2. Video Goggles: If a helmet cam won’t do the trick, grab a pair of these Extreme Sports Video Goggles. With the ability to capture moving images as well as still, you’re sure to capture every single awesome (and embarrassing) ski moment this season.

3. LifeProof iPhone Case: That’s right. This case is life proof. Bring on the dirt, snow, sleet, and hail. This case can handle it, and can keep your iPhone working perfectly all the while. 

4. Wintry iPhone Cases from Speck: Or if you’re less of an extreme phone user and simply want a bit of winter color, go for one of these fabric-inspired Speck cases.

5. Touchscreen Gloves: And not to toot our own horn but, hello, it’s time you ordered some fiber thread and DIY’ed yourself some touchscreen gloves. Keep those textin’ fingers cozy!

6. Corduroy DODOcase iPad Case: We love anything that combines textiles with technology, and this iPad case by Vicarious by Nature x DODOcase does just that, and with a 90s touch. 

7. Ninja Suit: Now here’s some long underwear we can get into! The ninja suit is super comfortable, keeps you warm, and doubles as a totally sweet butt-kicking outfit for apres ski. The stripes option says inmate-meets-hipster while the tux suggests you’re fancy on the inside. What’s your favorite style? 

8. Thermal Scarf: Sometimes fleece, wool, and cotton won’t do the trick. This microwaveable scarf not only keeps you ridiculously warm but has ginger and eucalyptus aromas to help you relax and relieve stress and tension. Ommmm. Or if a microwave is hard to find, go for this battery-operated heated scarf and keep yourself warm all winter long.

Ear Muff Headphones: It’s true. There are dozens of chic, cozy, adorable earmuff headphones out there. We’re thinking a DIY is in order, but for now check out four of our favorites: 

9. Hearlobes Knit Stripes: Stripes are always in, and these boast a removable wire for when you want to simply wear them for warmth without audio.

10. : Roar! You’re an animal, a party animal. Dance the cold away with these fashionable muffs.

11. Uggs Knit Headphones: Understated yet stylish, you may find yourself wearing these all the way into spring.

12. Beats by Dre + Oscar de la Renta: And for the high rolling fashionistas out there, we’ve got just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Dre that is. ;) These muffs’ll set you back a cool $695 but you won’t need to wear anything else… right?

13. Knit Headphone Beanie: If ear muffs aren’t your jam, this knit headphone beanie will do the trick and just as stylishly. Rock on.

14. Smith Snow Helmet with Skullcandy Audio Kit: Ready for all of your back country snowventures (yes, that’s the second word we invented today), this helmet includes an awesome Skullcandy Twin Tip Audio Kit for both your iPhone and iPod.

15. Electric Windshield Scraper: For those icy mornings when the heat of your simply won’t do the trick, this scraper plugs into your lighter outlet and melts all that ice away.

16. GPS Ski Goggles: Finally, it’s time to make all your stats-loving dreams come true. This pair of tricked out ski goggles track maximum, average and current speeds, current temperature, latitude and longitude, total vertical distance traversed, number of runs completed, and total ground covered. (If you buy or own these, please send us an infographic of your numbers at the end of ski season.)

What are your favorite tech-ccessories for winter? Send your picks our way: .

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