12 Healthy Soups To Warm You Up All Winter Long

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We’re busy in the Brit kitchen cookin’ up some cozy recipes of our own, but wanted to share 12 of our favorite seasonal soups sure to keep you warm all winter long. The best part about these healthy soups is that all of them are packed with vegetables, call for little to no dairy, and are pretty simple to make. Bonus: All of these recipes can easily be made vegetarian!

1. Roasted Garlic Broccoli Soup
We love a soup that calls for only 3 key ingredients. This one employs broccoli, roasted garlic, and mung beans or lentils. The rich smokey roasted garlic gives this soup a bit of creaminess, and is best served with a hunk of warm crusty bread. (Recipe and photo by Noms For The Poor)

2. Beet And Fennel Soup With Kefir
Beets are one of winter’s most colorful friends and take center stage in this delicious soup. If you have trouble finding Kefir, up your broth quantity and try substituting a dollop of greek yogurt as the garnish. (Recipe by Bon Appetit, photo by Sophisticated Pie)

3. Carrot Parnsip Soup With Parsnip Chips
A year-round staple in my kitchen, this soup is hearty, easy, and a great base for improvisation. If you don’t fancy frying up parnsip chips, we recommend topping with lightly toasted walnuts and a tasty crumble of chevre. (Recipe via The New York Times)

4. Caulifower Thyme And Green Tea Cream Soup
First off, green tea cream is our new favorite ingredient, and involves absolutely no cream! This cauliflower soup is so scrumptious that you’ll want to make double the recipe, and might try cutting out the broth and turning it into a yummy cauliflower mash, perfect alongside roast chicken and fresh greens. (Recipe and photo by Zizi Adventures)

5. Coconut Black Eyed Pea Soup
Luck be a lady tonight...or a coconut? Yep, we’re still peddling delicious black eyed pea recipes for 2012 and, in this soup, you get your New Year’s luck as well as a feisty combination of coconut milk, curry, and peppers. (Recipe and photo by Boulder Locavore)

6. Fresh Greek Lentil Soup
Sort of a Greek salad meets lentil soup, this recipe is as nourishing as it is colorful. And if you’re trying to stay cheese-free, substitute Kalamata olives or marinated artichoke hearts as your garnish. (Recipe and photo by Healthy Green Kitchen)

7. Creamy White Bean Soup
Attention lovers of creamy soup, we have yet another melts-in-your-mouth bowl of loveliness that involves absolutely no cream, milk, or dairy at all (unless you garnish with parmesan). And, aside from fresh thyme, you likely have all the ingredients in your pantry already.
(Recipe and photo by Kitchen Confidante)

8. Roasted Tomato Basil Soup
Another staple in my kitchen, this roasted tomato basil soup does take some time (as roasting veggies always does), but the prep is quite simple. The smokiness that comes out from roasting is rich, and the fresh basil is refreshing and flavorful. Best of all, no cream! Skip the butter for a healthier (and vegan) take. (Recipe by Ina Garten, photo by Loving The Bike)

9. Leek Soup With Dill Oil
Dill oil sounds fancy, tastes fancy, and is super duper easy to make. It’s a simple puree of olive oil and fresh dill, and goes with just about everything. For this recipe, the dill complements the subtle flavor of leeks, potatoes, and toasted almonds deliciously. (Recipe and photo by 101 Cookbooks)

10. Fresh Mushroom Soup
I love mushrooms, but its hard to find a mushroom soup that either doesn’t involve heavy cream or isn’t broth-heavy with just a few smushy mushies floating around in the mix. This recipe is neither of those, and celebrates the heartiness of mushrooms perfectly. Make a meal of it by serving our Zucchini Bruschetta Boats on the side. (Recipe and photo by Sea Salt With Food)

11. Tuscan Bread And Tomato Soup (Ribollita)
The secret to a good ribollita is having the confidence to throw in just about everything but the kitchen sink. How often do you have just a few of your favorite veggies in your fridge just on the brink of not being at their freshest? And when’s the last time you used that frozen spinach? Grab a little bit of everything, including that stale baguette from your dinner party a few nights ago, and have at it. (Recipe and photo by The Kitchn)

12. Roasted Pumpkin And Pear Soup With Brie
Pumpkins are awesome, but can definitely be a pain to cook. If you don’t have the time, or can’t find a yummy looking pumpkin, you can substitute just about any other squash, including good old butternut. The secret goodness to this recipe is a slice of brie that is placed at the bottom of the soup bowl before serving. It melts beautifully and gives the soup just the right amount of tangy cheesy flavor. (Recipe and photo by Sweet Sugar Bean)

What soups keep your kitchen cozy in the chilly winter months? We’d love to try your favorites. Send recipes over to .

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