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It’s hard to come up with killer gift ideas for the discerning man out there, whether that’s your boyfriend, spouse, brother, or you. So we thought we’d go ahead and help out by putting together a nice collection of unique gift ideas that are sure to elicit a big reaction.

Click N Drink Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher 
Ok, so you’ve lost the bottle opener for the fifth time. What on earth will you do?? Simple: get one that sticks to your fridge and never comes off. The Click-n-Drink Bottle Opener has a high-powered magnet that’s sure not to lose contact from your fridge as you’re popping that top off your sudsy brew. It’s also got an extra special secret feature - when you uncap the bottle, the cap automatically gets pulled down by the magnet, so no need to even worry about throwing it away! Trust us, it’s that cool.

Barn Wood Flask
Great alcohol deserves an even better vessel. By marrying a stainless steel flask with some barn wood you get a manly joining of booze and blue collar. Even more, it’s lovingly crafted by a husband and wife in Tennessee so you’ll even feel good about where it came from whilst imbibing.

Duffy’s Brew Beer Shampoo & Conditioner ($16.99 each)
Still borrowing your girlfriend’s fruit smelling hair stuff? Rest assured, there IS a solution! How about lathering up your scalp with some beer? Not kidding… Duffy’s Brew Beer Shampoo & Conditioner is made from Elysian Stout beer (it’s mighty tasty on its own). It’s healthier for your hair than the $3 crap that you’re probably rocking now and it certainly smells better, so give your flowing locks the respect they deserve!

The Art of Shaving Starter Kit 
It’s time to graduate from the one-size-fits-all gels that claim to be everything and the kitchen sink for your shaving needs.  Forget that. There’s a reason that we shaved one way for a hundred years - it was the right way. The Art of Shaving Starter Kit gets you kicked off with shaving oil to loosen up your skin from the facial hair that you’re about to get rid of. The badger hair brush will lather up the included shaving cream that’ll make you wish you shaved a bunch more. And after all is said and done, the aftershave cream will keep your skin healthy and irritation-free. Looking for that baby-smooth shave for your girl to fawn over? Look no further.

Concord Executive Nail Nipper Set
Every well-groomed man needs a set of nail clippers. So why spend more than $3 and pick them up from Wal-Mart? Because high quality pairs simply work better. And what better way to go higher quality than by adorning said nail clippers with a beautiful tanned leather case? These aren’t your mother’s nail clippers. If Clint Eastwood clipped his nails during True Grit, you can bet that he would have used these.

Wurkin Stiffs Power Stays
Do you have shirts that you’ve worn more than once and washed? Then chances are that you’ve got some pretty warped collars. So how do you get them to stay in place when you go about your day? Simple: the Wurkin Stiffs Power Stays. These guys are solid metal collar stays with a little magnet to accompany it. Basically you put the collar stays in the shirt, then affix the magnet inside the shirt and adjust your collar to wherever you want it to go. Magic!

Stainless Steel Wallet ($71.99)
It may be featured SkyMall, but don’t let that deter you from this workhorse of a wallet. Consider this: your wallet is with you nearly all day, every day. It’s getting sat on, pulled out of pockets, opened, closed, opened, closed. Even the best quality leather wallets are going to break down eventually. Not this guy. This wallet is made out of braided stainless steel threads that will hold up to even the most brutal of beatings you can give it. For the price, it’s the best possible wallet that money can buy.

Pocket Axe
Looking for that Swiss Army knife that goes a little above and beyond just crappy scissors and toothpicks? How about when you’re stuck needing to hammer a nail but don’t have a hammer, or need to cut down that branch to forge a tent while in the wilderness? The Pocket Axe is your new best friend. Formatted like a Swiss Army knife but packing a whole new kind of punch, this guy’s got it all - from an axe to hammer to bottle opener and saw. You really can’t go wrong.

The River Cottage Meat Book ($26.00)
What makes a good cut of meat? Or how do you not completely screw up an expensive steak just by tossing it onto a grill? The River Cottage Meat Book solves these problems for you - illustrating in excruciating detail how meat is produced. From the animal to the butchering to the cut and preparation, you’ll see every step of the way out of this excellent read. To top things off, you get some high quality recipes from some of the foremost meat experts in the world.

Bacon Choc Chip Pancake Mix ($16.50)
Not much is better than pancakes in the morning. Except chocolate chips in those cupcakes. And what’s better than that?  Adding in bacon. It might sound ridiculous but it culminates to create an unholy marriage of sweet and savory that will have you coming back for seconds. Thankfully this mix creates a whole bunch of those delicious little round treasures.

Bacon of the Month Club 
The title says it all in this one.  No other “of the month club” could possible hold its own next to the Bacon of the Month Club. You’re going to receive one or two packages of bacon each and every month from the highest quality bacon purveyors. Fire up that griddle and taste the monthly goodness that you’re guaranteed to get from this one-of-a-kind club.

Woodinville Age Your Own Whiskey Kit ($149.99)
Move over, homebrewed beer. It may have finally met its match with home-aged spirits. If you’re a whiskey lover, this might be your perfect gift idea. You’re going to get two full sized, 750ml bottles of un-aged whiskey and a 2L oak barrel like the big guys use. It’s simple: put the white whiskey in the barrel, wait a very impatient 3-6 months and you’ve got your own home-aged whiskey!

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