Sundance Style III: A Streetcar Named Desire

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For the last installment of our Sundance Style Series, we get back to a universal cinema classic. A Streetcar Named Desire was featured in the first ever Sundance Festival in 1978. Ladies there's lots of sweet fashion inspiration from Vivien Leigh as Blanche DuBois but the real style standout from the film is Marlon Brando's fitted tee. In the fifties, when the film was made, t-shirts were an undergarment and thus weren't form fitting so Brando's iconic tee had to be sewn tight. The t-shirt followed up it's starring role in Streetcar with a turn on James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause and was forever cemented in popular fashion. Now you know.

1. Bonobos Boss Tweeds 

2. Alternative Apparel Perfect Crew

3. Timex Dress Strap 

4. The Hillside Chambray Pocket Square

5. Tanner Standard Belt

6. Playing Cards and Poker Chips

7. Floral Silk Dress

8. Chloe + Isabel Pearl Studs

9. Whiskey On The Rocks

10. Vintage White Gloves and Silver Compact Mirror

11. Aquanet Hairspray

12. Gray Suede Pumps

13. Vintage Souvenir Streetcar

Well folks, that concludes our journey through Sundance by way of classic cinematic style. Hope to see you at the festival next year! ;)

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