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With Asana, You Can Get More Time Back in Your Day

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The term “productivity software” may not seem super sexy, but how does the phrase “get more time back in your day by keeping better organized” sound? Exactly.

After nearly two years, my good friends at Asana have finally launched their product to the world. Granted, there are a few other nice sites for keeping organized (including a couple that I actually really like: Teux Deux and Flow). So what’s the primary difference with Asana? Well, besides the fact that it’s free…

It is SO fast.

I’m not kidding. You click any button, and something loads before you can blink your eye. You will never see a “loading” icon. Things just work. So, not only are you saving time in your day by keeping your to-dos more organized, but the time you spend inputting your to-dos is also more productive as well. And, that’s the mission of the team: to help free up more of the world’s time to create, think and do better and more interesting things.

Asana is best used with other people, but can also be used on your own. I use it for both my personal life (my husband and I track our family to-dos) as well as my work life. 

Be sure to sign up soon, as they seem to be processing new accounts on a first come-first serve basis. And, if you are one of the first to get in, tell your colleagues about it. You’ll likely wind up the new cool kid at work.

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