How to Repurpose Old Electric Cords into a Jump Rope

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Is it just us, or does everyone these days have a designated drawer in their house for random old electric cords and power adapters? With so many gadgets in our lives -- many of which have been retired or laid to rest -- the amount of unused cords and cables just continues to grow. What's a digital native to do? Fashion up a jump rope, of course!

Just in time for the new year (and a perfect companion to the Five Minute Plank Challenge), your new jump rope will be a lightweight, portable piece of fitness equipment that you can use at home or on the road. Jumping rope builds cardiovascular endurance and works almost every muscle in the body. It even burns an average of 11 calories/minute - the same as a moderate running pace. So, if you can't get to a gym or a track, just pick up a couple of old cords, some scissors, and a piece of electrical tape, and try a more creative workout.

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