A More Creative Use For Playing Cards

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A pack of playing cards cost less than $2, and most people probably already have one lying around their house. Why not turn it into a meaningful gift instead? This DIY video provides you with different ideas for decorating the backs of your cards so that you can turn the entire deck into one "meta card" of 52 notes to give to a close friend or family member. Perfect for a birthday, holiday, anniversary or just because. (And it's mailable in standard USPS mail, too!)

I gave this gift to my dad for his 52nd birthday and titled it "52 Reasons I Love You". Here is a photo he took when he opened up the package in the mail. Not shown in the video, I also did a few other creative things with these cards. For instance, on one, I attached a dollar bill with a paper clip and a note that said: "For all the money you've ever spent on me." On another, I cut out a photo of me and him and adhered it to the card. You get the picture - there are all kinds of ideas you can come up with! And, needless to say, it was a success. My dad absolutely loved it.

If you create something similar, take a photo and send it our way: . We'd love to see what you come up with!

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