12 Days Of Wrapping: Colorful Tights

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To kick off our 12 Days of Wrapping series, I went to the bottom of the sock drawer and pulled out a few pairs of colorful (but totally unwearable) tights that, for some reason, I just can’t bring myself to get rid of. If you’re a girl who loves to wear dresses and skirts, I'm sure you have some of these in your own drawers. They are bright and cheery, but have massive runs in them that clear nail polish can't even fix. Looks like it's time to hack!

- 2-3 pairs of colorful tights
- scissors

Simply cut off the toe, put your gift box or the gift itself in one leg, and cut again. Be sure to leave 3-4” on each side of the gift for tying.

Tie the two ends together and your package is perfectly wrapped!

Once you have all your gifts tight-ed up, rummage around your house for a few things to add that give your packages a little pizzazz. We went with colorful yarn, a noisemaker from New Year’s Eve a couple years ago, and half of an old Hawaiian lei. (Basically, we just looked for anything that screamed 'color' or 'party'.)

What non-traditional wrapping ideas do you have up your sleeve? Send tips and tricks to  and we’ll post the best of the best!

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