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We’re getting to that we-know-it-all-too-well eleventh hour of holiday preparations, and you’ve got piles of gifts that need wrapping. Well fear not, we’re here to share 10 of our favorite geeked out wrapping products that are still available in time for the holidays!

QRapping Paper ($14.99) - We love this tech-tastic QR code wrapping paper. Not only do they manage to make patterned QR codes look charming, but each QR code links to an original holiday video that can’t be seen anywhere else.

Designer Duct Tape
 ($8.95) - Houndstooth, Paisley, Argyle, Leopard Print, and Diamond Plate. No, we’re not talking about a rag tag team of stylish superheroes, we’re talking about incredibly patterned duct tape! See also: Neon Duct Tape.

Mustache Gift Wrap
Movember may be over, but the mustache is forever in style… or at least its forever a style that instantly makes people laugh and cringe at the same time.

Universal Wrapping Paper
 ($18.90) - Remember how awesome word search puzzles used to be? No matter what the occasion, this stack of Universal Wrapping Paper by Wordless Design has you covered.

Gift Tag Stamp Kit 
Never buy gift tags again - this whimsical stamp set allows you to create classic to/from tags for all of your holiday packages. And these aren’t just for the holidays, the top line is blank so you can write in whatever you like!

World’s Smallest Post Service
Created by artist Lea Redmond, this miniature post service kit is incredible. Each kit includes mini sheets, envelopes, stamps, gift boxes, newspaper, a micron pen and a teeny tiny magnifying glass to help you put your postal items together. We’d love to see one of this adorable packages on top of a large Christmas present!

ChristmasBots Wrapping Paper
 ($3.99) - Beep boop bop bop. You won’t be able to resist making dorky robot noises the minute you see this wrapping paper under the tree. These nifty robots are here to spread holiday cheer, one be bop at a time.

 ($12.50) - Ready for this? Wax seals are still awesome, and this updated version combines old school correspondence with a new school non-cursive font. That’s right. Finally a wax seal kit with a modern font, perfect for adding old timey hand-pressed touches to all those last minute Christmas cards.

Baker’s Twine
 ($1.50 per color) - Baker’s Twine is one of our favorite simple tools to add minimal color to just about everything. It’s natural candy cane look is perfect as the ribbon for a Christmas gift or as the base for a holiday garland. What we haven’t seen until now is Baker’s Twine in so many awesome colors! Each $1.50 spool is 10 yards, and comes in light pink, black, green, purple, red, brown, light blue, pink, yellow, orange, or dark blue.

Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper
($20.00) - It’s been all over the web, and it belongs here as well. Gift Couture’s initial premium wrapping paper is inspired by the classic and delicious Cheeseburger. Paper won’t ship until February 2012 but it’s never too early to start planning for the 2012 holiday season or perhaps a burgerrific Valentine’s Day?

What are your favorite simple wrapping products? Send tips to our team: .

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