How To Make A Mason Jar Cap Wreath

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Like most cooks and crafters, we are basically addicted to mason jars here at Brit. They are perfect for storage, decor, gifts, glasses, and so much more, but we often find ourselves with a surplus of mason jar caps that sit around collecting dust. So, we decided to create a wreath using yarn, mason jar caps, and a few berry-like red buttons!

- 6 mason jar caps (just the ring part)
- 36 yards of yarn
- 3 buttons
For your first ring, cut off 6 yards of yarn. To keep it in a bundle for wrapping the jar ring, either wrap it around or finger or use an embroidery floss spool. The spool is the easiest, but we did the first few without it and it worked just fine. Leave 3-4 inches of yarn sticking out (so you can tie later), and start wrapping. Once you’re finished wrapping, tie one end to the other, trim the yarn down and you’ve got your first ring.


Repeat this with the next 5 rings. We chose a sage color for the leaves, and a red-purple gradient yarn for an accent ring. To make your wreath, turn over each ring so that the wider side is facing up. Tie each ring to the next one using yarn, turn right side up, and you’re just about done. If you wanto berry it up like we did, grab 3 bright buttons and tie them onto your wreath using yarn. If your button holes are small, simply separate the yarn (usually separates into 4 micro yarn strands), and you should be good to go.

You can use it to hang on your wall, a doorknob, or even lay flat on the table as a way to display tea lights.

How do you use your mason jar caps? Send creative ideas to .

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