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A Dog Collar For The Facebook Generation

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The ScruffTag QR Code Collar costs $26.00 and enables others to identify your dog easily with their smartphone. In addition, it's great if you move around a lot - you can keep the same collar and just update your address on the web, at the site that the QR code points to.

And if you're worried about whether or not someone will find your dog who has no idea what a QR code is, don't fret. You can list your dog's name and your phone number on the collar itself, so that people can get in touch with you the normal way.

I am an owner of this collar (or rather, is an owner of the collar) and have also enjoyed its durability coupled alongside that the tag is attached directly to the collar rather than hanging down, which causes an annoying clanking sound as dogs roam around or drink out of dog bowls.

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