A Greener, More Beautiful Sound Dock for Your iPhone

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Wood, wood, wood. I’m in love with it. You can do so much with it, from laser etching to decorating. And now, you can also use it as a speaker system in your home.

The Koostik (available in Original - $90 and Mini - $70) is a natural made sound system that works with your iPhone or iPad. It makes use of natural passive amplification through its “trumpet horn” speaker port, and requires no power to operate. Did you get that? NO POWER!

The Original Koostik speaker

The guys at Koostik claim it amplifies sound up to 2-4x a regular iPhone speaker. So, it’s not going to be heard throughout your entire home (unless you live in a studio apartment), but it will be useful at a desk or bedside.

I personally love that the team spent a year prototyping to make sure the final product was as great as they wanted it to be. Technology meets nature... I love it.

Another item for the holiday wish list? I'm thinking so.

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