12 Delicious Ways To Eat Pale Ales, Lagers and Stouts

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As the Super Bowl approaches, we've been dreaming up and cooking up some delicious game-inspired goodies. But what would football really be without beer? Whether you're a Coors Light cat for life, a strict microbrews only sort of drinker, or a lover of all things stout, these 12 recipes are sure to make you a wee bit tipsy. Stay tuned for our take on beerriffic bites later this week.

1. Honey Beer Bread Grilled Cheese: The hefty texture of most beer breads is similar to soda bread, and when sliced thinly and combined with equally hefty flavors (worcestershire, onions and cheddar), makes the ultimate grilled cheese. (Recipe and photo: Une Deux Senses)

2. Pumpkin Chili Mole: A chili on the sweet side, this dish is great for cold winter nights when you want a bit of sweet with your savory. We can imagine bundling up and bringing a bowl of this out to the porch while watching fresh snow fall on the Sierras. (Recipe and photo: Florida Coastal Cooking)

3. Beer Biscuits: If we'd known that cheap beer can be a killer cooking item, we probably would have gained a freshman 45… but even as a grownup, these biscuits are simple, delicious, and the absolute perfect item for a hangover. And all you need is a toaster oven! (Recipe and photo: CHOW)

4. Cheeseburger Beer Soup: Yep, you read that right. Cheesburger. Beer. Soup. Pretty much the high priestess of soup-and-sandwich mash-ups, brewed in stouty beer with extra sharp cheddar cheese. P.S. There's a BLT soup too. (Recipe and photo: Soup Addict)

5. Beef, Beer and Blue Cheese Pot Pies: We turn to Ireland for this bit of pub-style beer cookin'. Another great option for that brisk winter chill, these pot pies are packed with flavor and even some veggies. If you want to serve these for the Super Bowl, try using a muffin pan and creating puff pastry cups. (Recipe and photo: Edible Ireland)

6. Braised Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Beer: For those of you who are still weary of brussels sprouts, we've got two words for you: Bacon and Beer. There's nothing these two powers can't conquer, and brussels sprouts are a truly worthy adversary. The truth is, brussels are delicious and once you try this gateway recipe, you'll be swooning for these mini cabbage looking greens in no time. (Recipe and photo: A Spicy Perspective)

7. Bock Beer Mac: We couldn't put together a recipe roundup without mentioning some good ol' mac and cheese. This recipe takes a similar flavor approach to Cheddar Beer soup but of course adds the mac. It's just another reason why cheese and beer are quintessential tools for football season survival. (Recipe and photo: Evil Shenanigans)

8. Beer Poached Apples with an Amber Ale Caramel Sauce: First thing to mention is that this recipe is from a cooking blogger called The Beeroness, and every recipe she posts includes beer as an ingredient! At Brit HQ we obsess over every which way you can prepare apples and, at only 5 ingredients, this dish is a winner. (Recipe and photo: The Beeroness)

9. Beer Ice Cream with Homemade Peanut Brittle: We have to quote the chef on this one. "What better way to celebrate the football season than with a big bowl of frozen lager suspended in a dense, glacial cloud of cream and sugar?" We don't know. What is better? (Recipe and photo: Yum & Yummer)

10. Chocolate Stout Cakes: Delicious? Yes. Gourmet? Yes. Prepared with dried apples, spiced applesauce, cashew ganache and fresh raspberries? YES! (Recipe and photo: Muffin Tin Mania)

11. Chocolate Covered Beer Marshmallows: You guessed it. We're officially at the chocolatey part of today's program, and these marshmallows look like a total dream. The task of homemade marshmallows is definitely on the tricky side, but one that we're willing to try, especially with beer on hand. (Recipe and photo: How Sweet It Is)

12. Beeramisu: Obvs we love a play-on-words dessert name so this one is right up our alley. Described as a "tiramisu for the boys," this stout number is the perfect way to conclude a football season done right. And yeah, it's a little bit fancy. ;) (Recipe and photo: A Table For Two)

Do you have any awesome beer recipes up your sleeve? Or ones you'd like to try? Leave us a note below or find us on . 

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