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As much as I enjoy cooking, I have to admit that food planning is tough, especially when you’re living in the city as a twenty-something with only yourself and a spouse to feed. It’s even more difficult when you’re both working long hours (or in our case, entrepreneur hours - the worst kind). I try to keep a lot of stuff frozen, but it’s still a hassle at times.

That’s why I was BEYOND ECSTATIC when I saw this new site called Munchery (invite code included in link). It lets you select among nutritious, insanely delicious and well-prepared dinner options from professional chefs in your city. The best part is, they show up on the same day and within the time slot you choose. Oh, and the chefs and meal options change each day so that you always have variety. Cool, huh? I’m mostly excited that, at long last, the best delivery options aren’t just pizza and chinese food.

The one downside is that the service is only in San Francisco for the time being, but plans to expand soon. You should definitely email them or to convince them to come to your city next!

UPDATE: After my first Munchery delivery, I rate the service a solid 7. The food was good, but my two gripes were that it was a little too soggy (they need to figure out a better method for transporting a fully cooked meal) and I had to warm it up when it got to me. It would be nicer if things were piping hot and ready to eat, sort of like a hot pizza delivery. I know it's early, though, and I intend to try their service again soon to compare. After all, every scientist needs comparable data before making a conclusion, right? ;)

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