Where to Buy CBD: Online or in Stores?

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Did you know that the CBD market is expected to hit $20 billion by 2024 in the United States alone? That's a staggering number, isn't it?

This rapid growth has led to an explosion of retail locations and online stores selling CBD products, making your purchasing decisions a bit more complicated. You're probably asking yourself, 'Should I buy CBD online or in a physical store?' Each has its own merits and challenges.

In the following discussion, we'll dissect both options to help you make an informed choice. So, shall we get started?

Key Takeaways

  • Online purchases offer a wider variety of brands and products, cost savings, and convenience.

  • In-store shopping provides immediate access to products and allows for physical assessment of products.

  • Quality CBD products should have third-party test reports, transparency about extraction methods, clear labeling, and information on hemp source available.

  • Consider convenience, price, product variety, and quality information when deciding between online and in-store purchases.

Understanding Online Versus In-Store CBD Shopping

When you're deciding between buying CBD online or in-store, there are several key factors to consider in order to make the best decision for your needs. Let's break it down.

Firstly, purchasing online gives you the convenience of shopping from your home. You're not limited to store hours and you can easily compare different brands and products. Online stores often offer a wider variety, especially if you live in an area where CBD shops are scarce. Plus, online usually means cost savings - you'll often find deals and discounts that aren't available in brick-and-mortar stores.

Conversely, in-store shopping allows you to physically examine the products. You can read labels, ask questions, and even get advice from knowledgeable staff. It's a tactile and interactive experience that online shopping can't match. Moreover, if you need your CBD product immediately, in-store is the way to go.

However, whether you're shopping online or in-store, always check for third-party test reports. You want to ensure you're getting high-quality, safe products. Also, be wary of prices that seem too good to be true - they often are. Make an informed decision based on your unique needs and preferences.

Quality Indicators for CBD Products

Before you add any CBD product to your cart, it's crucial to understand the key quality indicators that can help determine its effectiveness and safety. CBD is a booming industry, and unfortunately, not all products are created equal. Here's what you should look for:

  1. Third-Party Lab Testing: Reliable CBD brands will have their products tested by independent labs to verify their cannabinoid content and purity. These results should be readily available to you.

  2. Source of Hemp: The best CBD products are made from organically grown hemp. Pesticides and other toxins can end up in the final product if they're used in the cultivation process.

  3. Extraction Method: CO2 extraction is considered the gold standard in the industry. It results in a pure, high-quality CBD extract without the use of harsh solvents.

  4. Product Transparency: The brand should clearly label the amount of CBD in the product. Also, look for a list of ingredients, so you know exactly what you're putting in your body.

Top Online Brands for CBD Purchases

If you're considering buying CBD online, it's essential to know the top brands that offer high-quality products. Lazarus Naturals stands out with their exceptional quality at low prices and USDA-certified organic products.

Don't overlook R&R CBD, known for potent products and detailed third-party test reports. Their organic CBD products are a favorite among users.

Upstate Elevator Supply Co. is a reliable choice, offering low prices for their Vermont-grown organic hemp products.

One of the oldest companies in the CBD market, Endoca, is recognized for their high-quality full-spectrum products.

Finally, CBDistillery, a popular brand known for their transparent practices and wide product range, is another excellent choice.

Before making a purchase, remember to check for third-party test reports, the extraction method used, and clear labeling of CBD content and other ingredients. Also, don't forget to go through customer reviews for additional insights into the product's effectiveness.

Buying CBD online offers an array of benefits including cost savings, convenience, and a wider variety of brands and products to choose from. So, take your time, do your research, and choose the best CBD product that fits your needs.

If you manage your own online CBD business, check out this article to learn where you can buy CBD backlinks. 

Essential Tips for CBD Shopping

Now that you're familiar with the top online brands for CBD purchases, let's move on to some essential tips that can guide you when shopping for CBD products.

  1. Check for third-party lab tests: You should always ensure that the CBD product you're looking to buy has been tested by an independent lab. This will help you verify the CBD content and check for any harmful substances.

  2. Know your CBD spectrum: CBD products come in three forms: full-spectrum (containing all compounds in the hemp plant), broad-spectrum (no THC), and isolate (only CBD). Choose according to your preference.

  3. Read the ingredients: Not all CBD products are created equal. Some contain additives and artificial flavors. Stick to products with natural ingredients.

  4. Consider the type of product: CBD is available as oils, capsules, gummies, topicals, and more. Choose a type that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Factors Influencing CBD Dosage and Ingredients

Determining the right CBD dosage and understanding the ingredients can seem a bit challenging, but it's easier once you know the key factors to consider. Your body weight, health condition, CBD concentration, and desired effects all play a role in your dosage. It's advisable to start with a low dose and gradually increase until you achieve the desired effects.

As for ingredients, always check the product label. You'll want to ensure the CBD is derived from high-quality, organic hemp. Avoid products with unnecessary additives, artificial flavors, or allergens, as these can compromise the quality and effectiveness of the CBD. If you're vegan or have dietary restrictions, make sure the product complies with these.

Also, consider whether the product is full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate. Full-spectrum products contain all the compounds found in cannabis, including THC, so they may provide a more comprehensive 'entourage effect'. Broad-spectrum products have most compounds but no THC, whereas isolates only contain CBD. Your choice depends on your personal preference and needs. Remember, it's always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.


So, whether you choose to buy CBD online or in-store, it's all about finding a source that prioritizes quality and transparency. Remember to scrutinize extraction methods, CBD content, and third-party test reports.

Also, don't forget to consider the convenience of online shopping versus the hands-on experience of in-store buying. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Armed with this guide, you're ready to begin your CBD journey. Happy shopping!

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