How To Make Cozy Winter Cuffs

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Remember that rustic looking mason jar wreath from a few weeks ago? While we were making it we thought, I kind of want to wear this. Actually… I really want to wear this! But standard ball jar rims are just a teensy bit too small for the average wrist. Step that rim size up a notch with large ball jars or Kerr jars, and you’ve got the perfect start to a set of cozy winter bangles.

As I set off to revisit the lovely union of mason jar rims and yarn, I realized I couldn’t find any empty spools in the studio for the life of me. So, of course, its time to hack! It turns out the plug end of an iPhone charger (unattached from the cord) makes a perfect spool for this project. 

- yarn (we like yarn with a dyed gradient best for this project)
- spool (or iPhone charger)
- large mason jar rims (kerr jar rims or ball jar rims)

First, cut off 4-6 yards of yarn depending on your yarn thickness. Loop one end through an iPhone charger prong, and wrap the length of the yarn around the charger. You’ll have to rotate a few times to get it all on there.

With the other end of the yarn, tie a knot onto your first jar rim. Be sure to leave an inch or two of yarn on the tied off end (you’ll use this to tie both ends together at the end) and keep the knot on the inside of the jar rim.

Now simply wrap the yarn around the rim until you reach the beginning. Tie one end to the other, trim the ends and there you have it! 

Repeat for as many cuffs as you like and you’ve got some cozy bangles perfect for ski lodge style.

What are your DIY style tricks for winter? Send tips our way: .

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