Apple Cookies (And No, Not The Browser Kind On Your Mac)

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Not only am I an apple freak (see the Apple Bagelwiches post), but Friday marks the first day of Fall, and so I felt especially inspired to experiment with them a bit more today.

As you know, Fall is a season where many people bake apples, mostly in tarts and pies. But they can also be baked flat on a cookie sheet. Here’s how to make baked apples even more awesome:

  1. Core your apple(s) and slice thinly. The thickness is up to you, just know that the thicker the slices, the longer the cooking time.
  2. Use aspic cutters to cut out different shapes of apples to bake. It’s seriously like cookie cutting. I used 1” cutters and got about 4 apple cookies from each slice, but you can even get the .5” inch cutters if you want more or smaller shapes.
  3. Sprinkle with cinnamon and lay them flat on the sheet. Be sure to use non-stick spray if you don’t already have a non-stick pan. You can also add sugar if you want. I wasn’t sure if adding sugar (or in my case, Stevia) would make them too sweet, so I A/B tested the batch by sprinkling it over a portion of the apples. The end result? I prefer cinnamon-only since the apple is already so sweet, but my tastebuds could be different than yours.
  4. Bake at 225-degrees for 1.5 hours (potentially longer if you sliced your apples thick). Yes, I know - 1.5 hours. It’s a long time and kind of sucks, but you don’t have to wait around and check on them often. Put them in before a movie or a couple of TV shows and the time will fly! The apples will get soft, and then will start to crispen up. That’s when they’re ready.

Note that I also baked the remainder of the apple slices that had been cut, even in their odd shape. They were stringy but yummy.

If you don’t want to bake your apples, you can always use the shaped apples to freshen up other types of dishes like salads (see above). Great idea for a dinner party, just remember to add a little lemon juice to the apples if they won’t be eaten immediately so that they don’t brown. Enjoy!

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