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Cooking and crafting are all about awesome tools, tons of color, and a pinch of inspiration. While scouring the Internet for our Pantone Holiday Gift Guide, we came across a few awesome colorful culinary items we just had to share. If you're doing last minute shopping, almost all of these are available for shipping before the holidays, so get on it!

Great for cooks with an inner obsessive compulsive streak, this precision cutting board is durable, and printed with incredibly detailed measurement marks. Not only will you master julienne, fine julienne, small dice and medium dice, but you’ll be able to create exactly measured recipes for fellow perfectionists.

Nest 8-Piece Bowl Set ($58.00)
You get the idea. Mixing bowls nest. Measuring cups nest. Colanders nest. But why can’t they all just get along? With this Nest, it’s ON. Not only do you get a large bowl and a small bowl, but a sieve, a colander, and four measuring cups.

Stainless Steel Index Cutting Board ($80.00)
This colorful and easy-to-store set of cutting boards is great for those big cooking jobs when you need a different type of surface for slicing meat, seafood, vegetables and cooked food safely. Made of sturdy polypropylene, the boards prevent blunting knives and make for super easy cleanup.

Farmer’s Market Baskets ($14.00)
Cast in stoneware from real farmer’s market containers, these charming containers are great for entertaining, storing fresh fruit, and look great on any countertop.

Kuhn Rikon Pastry Decorating Kit ($29.99)
With this easy-to-use, easy-to-clean pastry decorating kit, you can have your cake and decorate it too. Includes pastry gun, two decorating bottles, one frosting spatula and 14 tips for creating stars, rosettes, borders and more. And when you’re tight on time and heading to a birthday dinner, grab a ready-made cake at the grocery store or bakery, fire up your pastry gun, and unleash your inner icing artist.

Laguiole Cheese Knife Set ($32.00)
Crafted in the style of early 1800s French farmers’ knives, the Laguiole Cheese Knife Set celebrates the art of fromage, and will most definitely take your cheese plate to the next level.

Cake Pops DIY Kit by Bakerella ($20.95)
It’s true. Cake pops are the new cupcake. And now, thanks to cake maker extraordinaire, Bakerella, you can create your own cake pops for any and every occasion. Got a bridal shower coming up? Cake pops. Super Bowl party? Cake pops. A low key night in watching A Christmas Story and making pom poms with your sister? Cake pops.

Pac-Man Cookie Cutters ($17.99)
Pac-Man Cookie Cutters. What more do you need to know? The set includes Pac-Man, Blinky, Pinky and Inky.

Penguin Great Food Series ($7.00-$12.00)
Designed by Coralie Bickford, this collection of 20 classic books on food, etiquette and passion includes the finest food writing from the last four centuries. From Elizabeth David’s A Taste of the Sun to MFK Fisher’s Love in a Dish, this collection is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. The box set is available directly from Penguin UK here, but probably not in time for Christmas delivery.

Fresh Herb Pot ($20.00-$25.00)
While the pot itself is simple, unadorned and white, the rich green herbs you'll bring into your home with this well-designed pot will add vitality to your kitchen. The corner opening is an ingenious move for keeping herbs hydrated while still allowing air to circulate. No more soggy herbs!


Silicone Kitchen Gadgets ($1.18-$6.00)
It’s time to retire those old plastic spatulas, get rid of that crusty old paint brush you’ve been using for basting, and the burnt fabric potholders just aren’t cutting it. Not only are all of these kitchen gadgets heat-resistant and easy to clean, but they come in just about every color and size.

Food Pod Cooking Basket ($10.51)
It’s true. Silicone, as it turns out, is where it’s at in the kitchen, especially when looking for a pop of color. The Foodpod is no exception, and is possibly the best gadget around for boiling, blanching and steaming without the mess.

Rules of Etiquette Paper Placements Set of 50 ($24.00)
A little bit architecture and a little bit charm school, these paper placemats will ensure the most proper dining wherever you are.

Bow Tie Bag Clips ($12.00)
Isn’t it time that bag of pita chips showed its feminine side? Or perhaps your pasta bowties could use a bowtie of their own? These charming bow tie bag clips will add a pop of color to any pantry, and keep your bagged goods looking très chic.

Mini Muffin Silicone Baking Cups Set of 12 ($7.99)
These Rainbow Brite reminiscent baking cups are perfect for sweet treats on the go. Whether you want to make a batch of lemon vanilla cupcakes, lemon poppyseed muffins, or lemon italian ice, these bad boys are ready to tackle the extreme temperatures of your microwave, oven and freezer, all while retaining a colorful glow.

How do you use color in your kitchen? We’d love to see photos! Send your color-rific goodness to .

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