Brain Toniq Helps Boost Your Energy and Brain Power

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 "The clean and intelligent think drink."

A few years ago I was studying for my Board Exam and happened to be shopping at our local real food store when I came upon a drink called 'Brain Toniq". Have you seen or heard of it? I sure hope so! It is delicious. I happened to grab a few (despite the steep price, ~$2.59 a drink) and had no qualms about the money well spent once the sparkly, bubbly, grapefruit-ish goodness hit my tongue. Before I knew it, I was using these regularly in my studies. Although they don't give you a powerhouse kick like caffeine does, I did get the sense they were helping my brain out with the tortuous tasks ahead of me. It was a nice, holistic, natural boost. It felt right.

Last week, I started thinking again about how passionate I was about this drink. We happened to be in the real food store and saw that this 'True Toniq' company had also come out with a second product: Trim Toniq, a natural appetite suppressing drink with only 25 calories. I have to admit I don't have much experience with this one and generally shy away from products that make those claims, but the respect I gained from Brain Toniq for the company and it's product will certainly render me giving it a chance.

For all of you wired people who drink Red Bull or overdose on coffee, try this instead. It's so much better for you than those metallic energy drinks. I have no doubt you'll be hooked. There are all sorts of natural herbs that are really good for you in these drinks, which is why they cost so much.

The drinks are marketed as, "Functional tonics that actually work!" Their website says, Brain Toniq is the world's first organic, kosher, botanical-based, non-caffeinated think tonic specifically designed for those who need more mental focus and clarity. (That's me every day.) It is formulated out of plant extracts and natural compounds. The ingredients have long proven history of their effects on increasing brain power and cognition. No chemical preservatives, no caffeine, no white sugar, no fake anything is added. Just fuel for the cranium.
Think coffee without the gut-ripping effects of caffeine, mixed together with gentle organic agave syrup and natural citrus extracts, and you get a delicious nootropic drink that not only works, it's actually good for you! Tried and tested and proved by ME. Your turn!
You can purchase Brain Toniq here.

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