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It’s funny that I ran across this Inkling Digital Sketch Pen ($199) today. Yesterday, I holed myself up in a coffee shop sketching out product ideas and designs for the new company and kept thinking about how useful something like this would be. It’s as if the universe (also known as the Internet) answered my prayers.

From their website:

"Inking bridges the gap between traditional, freehand sketching and digital development by capturing a digital likeness of a pen-on-paper sketch".

Granted, there are devices that do similar things (ex: the Livescribe pen, various drawing tablets, etc), yet they all come without much portability and many force you to use “special paper” to capture your work. The Inkling is different in that it comes with a receiver that hooks onto any paper or notebook and stores your drawings (it can even store layers!) that transfer seamlessly to Photoshop and Illustrator via USB.

There are many use cases for this type of gadget: not just web and logo mocks, but home decorating layouts, digital doodling (some doodles can be true masterpieces!), digital caricatures, a fun way to capture and edit your child’s drawings, etc. I’m personally planning to take some cake decorating courses soon and want to sketch out my ideas before taking frosting to cake.

The product site says it is meant to be available in “mid-November” so keep an eye out.

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