Let There Be Cake! Our Favorite Cake Making Gadgets (Slideshow)

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It just so happens that today is my birthday. (It would mean the world to me if you wrote me a birthday note on or my - I love hearing from you guys!) Being as it is such a special day, likely filled with lots of cake, I thought I would take a few minutes to share some of my favorite cake making and decorating tools. In no specific order, these are some of the coolest gadgets out there when it comes to baking.

Creative Cake Makers:
1. Just a Slice Cake Pan ($15) - No need for a knife and serving fork - just pick up one of these silicone cake pans and every person will have a pre-cut slice right out of the oven.
2. Multi Tier Mini Cake Pan ($23) - I featured these last week and am adding them again because they are just the most adorable things ever.
3. Heart Shaped Waffle Maker ($49) - Yes, waffles can make cakes (as well as eggs and brownies, too!). Bonus: it also usually takes at least half the time. Just pour the batter, close, and your cake will be ready in about 5 minutes.
4. Giant Cupcake Pan ($20) - These have been around for awhile but they are just too cute. (I mean, look at those babies. I die.)
5. Fanci-Fill Cake Pan Set ($16) - The easiest way to make a filled cake.
6. Babycakes Cake Pop Maker ($25) - Take advantage of the cake pop craze without going through the time-intensive work of rolling and baking each ball.

Creative Decorating Tools:
7. Ticings ($16/sheet) - Hands down one of the coolest decorating tools out there. They are edible stickers for cupcakes and cake! You can upload your own design or purchase one of theirs.
8. Trim and Turn Rotating Cake Stand ($15) - The easiest way to frost a cake. No more obnoxious reach-arounds to get the back side (I’m guilty of that). Plus, this doubles as a fantastic lazy susan for other household projects.
9. Food Markers ($15) - Get artsy with these food markers. Draw your own designs, or write your name. There are no limits!
10. Cake Decorator Press ($20) - Frosting a cake is one of the biggest challenges of them all. This decorator press makes it a bit easier, by giving you a way to frost without having to worry about constantly changing piping bags and decorating tips.
11. Cupcake Corer ($5) - If anyone has ever had a Hostess cupcake, you know why this is cool. Core your own cupcakes and fill them with whatever goodness you want. I’m actually thinking that it could be even cooler to make Cupcakeswiches, similar to Apple Bagelwiches.

Am I missing something awesome? Send creative finds my way!

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