The 3 Most Creative Cookie Cutter Sets

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Sure, we love the traditional cookie cutter shapes of stars and circles, but we've recently come across a few innovative sets of cutters that are sure to make your cookie baking much more creative. And if you want to get uber creative, try using these cookie cutters in ways that don't involve cookie dough - like to cut out lasagna, apples, and more. Let your imagination wander!

1. The Camera Cookie Cutter Set ($18)

As the tagline says, "have your camera and eat it, too." Your new edible cameras come in three different designs: an SLR, a classic rangefinder, and an old-school twin reflex camera. It's no Instagraham cookie, but it's close.

2. The Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutter Set ($12)

Everyone wants to be a ninja, so why not eat one, too? These little guys come in three different ninja poses for your creative eating pleasure.

3. The Helvetica Cookie Cutter Set

It's by far the most popular font, and designer Beverly Hsu has made it a cookie cutter set, too. Unfortunately, this set isn't yet for sale, but while you wait, you could grab this Alphabet Cookie Press ($19) set to start practicing your edible headlines.

What other creative cookie cutter sets have you seen? We're going to be spending much of 2012 experimenting with other fun foods to creatively cut, so send us your ideas and we'll get cutting!

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