Cups, Boats, and Caps! Oh My! 6 Holiday Appetizers (Slideshow)

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The holidays are all about entertaining, but sometimes you want to indulge the guilt-free way and without the mess. These 6 appetizers are healthy, veggie-centric, and totally self-contained, making them perfect for mingling with friends and family. Best of all, each recipe uses just a few simple ingredients, is easy to make, and yields totally delicious results.

Zucchini Bruschetta Boats
Few things beat Bruschetta. Tomatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper, bread. It’s a no-brainer. Add a little cheese to the mix, and you’re golden. But, since the holidays are filled with bread-heavy delights, pastries, and pies (oh my!), I decided to take these zucchini boats for a spin. The result? Easily my new go-to appetizer, and the prep is oh-so-simple. Recipe here.

Creamy Cucumber Cups
Our first healthy holiday experiment, these creamy cucumber cups are adorable, healthy and a cinch to prepare. Extra points go to the nutrient-filled skin that doubles as the perfect Christmas green. Recipe here.

Fiesta Tomato Bowls
Inspired by my recent trip to Mexico and undying love for anything combining tomatoes, black beans, cheese and avocado, these bowls are hearty, pretty healthy and you likely have all the ingredients in your kitchen already. To take these appetizers to the main course level, serve them atop a bed of herbed couscous or rice and complement with a sautéed green. Recipe here.

Peppery Polenta Pots
Who doesn’t love a little alliteration? These Peppery Polenta Pots are more than a tongue twister, they’re a great self-contained appetizer that pack a flavorful punch. If you haven’t experimented with pre-made polenta, it is time to start. Homemade is always best, but I love the firmness of the polenta in a tube. It’s great for grilling, baking, sautéeing, and just about everything. Plus, its fat free and gluten free! Recipe here.

White Bean Walnut Mushroom Caps
Stuffed mushrooms are an old favorite, but often contain buttery breadcrumbs, meat and a ton of cheese. Our healthy twist still contains cheese, but get most of their creamy goodness from a mashed up mix of white beans, walnuts and mushroom stems. And, drumroll please, these are most definitely the crowned winner of this round of recipe experimentation. Recipe here.

Radish Soybean Crostini
This fresh take on crostini doesn’t quite fit our “cup-like” requirement but it is totally self-contained, super delicious, and the festive mix of greens and radish magenta is perfect for a Christmas celebration. Recipe here.

Do you have any clever healthy alternatives for holiday appetizers? Send ‘em our way: .

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